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Long Day On Mars is a 3 piece original rock band located in Seattle, WA.  Members include: Chuck Van Norman on main vocals and guitar, Fletcher Andrews on drums, and Darren Van Norman on bass.  Our sound and energy are high, building on music we love from the 70s, 80s, on up.  We play locally and are available to fill any venue lineup looking to compliment other like bands. 

However, if you ask us in person, we might describe our existence as.......  

Long Day on Mars rocks the earth from all over the solar system, not just from the 4th stone. We prefer to play terrestrial instruments reminescent of the 1970's but with a martian twist. Just like a meteor orbiting the sun, we follow our own path and our material is our own. On a recent tour, we observed earthlings and discovered a plethora of rich content on which to base our lyrics. Afterall, what do you want after a long day? A nice cold one with someone who understands. That's us. Come participate in our next stellar broadcast to the lonely outlying planets. Let's rock the universe one song at a time.


Spaceman, Darren Van Norman plays the lows. Astro-enthusiast, Chuck Van Norman fills the void with vocal and 6-string theory resonance. And the King of Cosmos, Fletcher Andrews lays down the space-time continuum.

Let's rock together on whatever rock you call home!


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